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Paul Fearn

Paul Fearn

Bridgend, UK


My passion is Photography and Aviation or is that Aviation and Photography !

I hope you enjoy my photographs.


A new and accurat map of the world drawne according to ye truest descriptions latest discoueries by Paul Fearn


A chorographical map of the province of New York in North America divided into counties manors by Paul Fearn


Province de New York en 4 feuilles by Paul Fearn


A map of the world from the best authorities by Paul Fearn


East India Islands by Paul Fearn


Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionale by Paul Fearn


New York province Map of the country of the VI nations proper with part of the adjacent colonies by Paul Fearn


Map of the North Polar Region by Paul Fearn


A chart of the world exhibiting the prevailing religion and population of the present empires by Paul Fearn


Orbis terrae compendiosa descriptio quam ex magna universali Gerardi Mercatoris Domino Richardo by Paul Fearn


Engine man works on a lube oil purifier aboard the amphibious transport. Dock USS Green Bay by Paul Fearn


US Army soldiers engage targets during the convoy live fire exercise by Paul Fearn


US Marine Corps platoon commander practises using an emergency breathing system at base pool Hawaii by Paul Fearn


USFF band perform for Colombian school children in support of continuing promise CP17 by Paul Fearn


ROK tanks head off firing line in formation during Korea Marine Exercise Program by Paul Fearn


Members of the army band participate in a honours wreath laying at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by Paul Fearn


A helicopter hovers close to Capt Nathan trawler the coast guard medevaced the Captain by Paul Fearn


US Air Force cleans the canopy on an f 15c Eagle in Netherlands by Paul Fearn


US Army soldier keeps an eye out for simulated enemy activity in Arizona by Paul Fearn


AUS Soldier surveys a training ground near Kandahar Afganistan by Paul Fearn


Two US Army Black Hawk Helicopters launch towards villages on Kodiak Island by Paul Fearn


US Navy SEAL comes in for landing during a skydiving demonstration by Paul Fearn


US Navy cuts a piece of steel in a training pool at the Republic of Korea by Paul Fearn


US Marines demonstrate bounding toward an objective as a squad Sri Lanka by Paul Fearn


US Air Force listens during a debrief of an active shooter training exercise Qatar by Paul Fearn


US Marines conduct a static jump out a KC 130J super Hercules Aircraft near Yuma by Paul Fearn


USS Carl Vinson CVN70 USS Wayne E Meyer DDG108 USS Lake Champlain CG57 In the Philippine sea by Paul Fearn


AUS Navy SH60 Sea Hawk Helicopter hovers the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan LHD 5 by Paul Fearn


US Air Force EQ 4 Global Hawk assigned to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing await routine Maintenance by Paul Fearn


AUS Airforce F 15E Strike Eagle refuels from a KC10 Extender by Paul Fearn


US Marines climb a 30 foot ladder during a fast rope exercise by Paul Fearn


US Marines provide security during a CH53 day battle drill by Paul Fearn


USS Lake Champlain CG57 moored pierside in Singapore by Paul Fearn


A Soldier steps cautiously through a Lithuanian forest by Paul Fearn


US Marine fires a GAU21 50 Caliber machine gun out a door by Paul Fearn


US Marine Corps pilots attending Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course by Paul Fearn


The guided missile destroyer uss porter DDG78 conducts strike operations by Paul Fearn


US Marines sight down range during combat marksmanship training by Paul Fearn


Hull Maintenance Technician Fireman cuts a piece of stainless steel by Paul Fearn


US Army Rangers climb on a dirt mound during Spartan Race by Paul Fearn


AUS Marine Corps engages targets during an urban close air support exercise by Paul Fearn


The US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon competes during the joint service drill team by Paul Fearn


US and Gulf Cooperation Council conduct the culminating event of Eagle Resolve by Paul Fearn


An army Ranger performs a wall climb during the best ranger competition by Paul Fearn


A tour of a C 130J Hercules aircraft by Paul Fearn


F 35A lighting II arrival at RAF Lakenheath by Paul Fearn


US Marine uses a tablet during a simulated raid of Weapons and Tactics course by Paul Fearn


US Airforce F-22 Raptor pilot refuels by Paul Fearn